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Parasites: A hidden epidemic

11 Feb 2016 8:59 PM | Anonymous

n the medical world parasites are an issue about which still relatively little is known.  Many of us are unaware how dangerous parasites are and how it is not just a third world problem, but a world-wide problem. At least 90% of people will have a problem with parasites at some point in their lifetime.

Parasites not only invade the digestive tract; they can infect any body tissues and organs, causing a multitude of symptoms and disorders, many of which are so non-specific.

Symptoms such as bloating, wind, loose bowels, sweating and itchy skin can all be signs of parasites living in your gut.  However, apart from an array of digestive symptoms, they can also contribute to arthritis (causing joint and muscle pain), allergies, immune problems, sleeping problems, anaemia, skin problems, thyroid problems, respiratory disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Parasites can be hard to diagnose and to treat with orthodox methods. But the good news is that parasites can be easily diagnosed with bioresonance testing.  As living organisms, parasites emit electromagnetic fields which are stored in the body fluids, tissue and organs of their host's body and these pathological frequencies can be easily detected and consequently treated with bioresonance and naturopathic medicine. 

Natural Solutions for Parasites
In addition to Bicom bioresonance therapy, naturopaths may also prescribe anti-microbial and antibiotic herbs such as black walnut, wormwood, clove and golden seal.  Following treatment, it’s essential to be re-tested as the initial therapy may not completely eradicate the infection, which means a second course may be necessary.  Once diagnosed, it is recommended to avoid potentially unsafe foods like unpasteurised milk and cheese, raw seafood and raw eggs; keep away from foods causing reactions (this can be tested also) and focus on unprocessed plant foods, which encourage the growth of healthy flora.

Once the infection is eradicated, it is important to “heal and seal”, by using herbs and nutrients to encourage the gut to grow its own healthy cells and make its own healthy bacteria. Parasitic infections reduce gastric acid: this can be improved with a digestive enzyme or apple cider vinegar. A probiotic supplement may be necessary. Yoghurt is inadequate as a tub contains only 500 million live bacteria, compared to 20 billion in a supplement form.  Fermented foods build up lactic acid, which manufactures beneficial lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria).
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